What We Do

Financial Management

Today’s changing economic and regulatory climate requires medical providers to understand and utilize advanced financial and technical data systems. Access to real-time data enables providers to track activities, manage costs, forecast trends, and make timely decisions.
Provider Members in the HLA Network have access to all our customized business services and financial management resources. Using our technical expertise and knowledge of financial data management systems, we create solutions that meet your unique needs as a behavioral healthcare provider.

Marketing Management

Provider members of the HLA Network have access to a wide array of marketing services and products customized to meet your needs. Our strategies are designed to maximize your service delivery, help you overcome barriers, and guide you toward greater success as a behavioral healthcare provider for your community. HLA network members receive support for a variety of marketing activities, ranging from advertising to detailed marketing plans. We focus on strategies for reaching potential consumers and developing referral sources to grow your business. Personalized, integrated marketing strategies help to maximize your marketing dollars while growing your client base.

Recruitment / Retention

Provider Members benefit directly from HLA’s extensive knowledge of human resources management and best practices for employee recruiting and retention strategies. Our recruitment services cover sourcing, screening, credentialing, reference, and background checking for all of our candidate searches. HLA specializes in recruitment solutions for positions that are commonly difficult to fill. We provide each candidate and potential employer with personal attention and develop a thorough understanding of each party’s needs, expectations, and qualifications. Our extensive screening process assures the employer of receiving only the best qualified match for a position.

Onboarding and Training

HLA offers a New Hire and Onboarding Curriculum and Training Program that will provide customized required online mandatory course requirements for compliance. Other valuable courses include Managing Change, Team Leading, Supervision 101, Documenting Performance and Disciplinary Action, Human Resource Management, and Leadership Development. Developed as a customizable quality and retention strategy, HLA’s complete orientation program provides a process for onboarding new employees and efficiently acclimating them within the corporate culture.

Quality Management / Auditing

Today’s highly regulated, MCO-driven environment requires preemptive strategies and solutions to maintain compliance and assure high quality outcome-based practices for both clinical and administrative processes. HLA has developed superior monitoring tools and reports to help management stay ahead of compliance audits in personnel records management as well as consumer record tractability.

Trusted Support

Health / Safety Management

HLA’s Health and Safety Program and accreditation services are designed to meet state requirements and build cultural awareness of health and safety practices within each organization. Our qualified trainers provide topic-specific training modules to fit the needs of each client. An emphasis on health and safety practice in conjunction with legal and state regulatory compliance helps to ensure quality of service and minimize potential risk in the workplace.
Provider Members who utilize HLA’s healthcare and safety accreditation and training have the assurance of knowing their companies meet legal, state, and regulatory requirements. Their employees are assured of a sound framework that enables them to feel confident in carrying out their work.

Health and Safety Training Services Include: